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What is PhoneBinX?
PhoneBinX will be a place where all the adult photo-phone content will be held. The material on this server is adult oriented, sexually explicit and related to XXX material. This site provides access to images of nude adults possibly engaging in sexual acts, and other material of an adult nature.
Will site change?
No. PhoneBin will remain exactly the same as it has always been, same boobs and bums, cats and cars. Anything wrongly submitted to PhoneBinX will be moved into PhoneBin and vice versa.
I'm worried about putting my details in, are they safe?
Yes. Credit card details will be handled securely to ensure confidentiality. SSL encryption is employed to ensure sensitive data is protected. Basically, we don't want any hassle from the credit card companies so we won't give you any hassle!
Do you use repeat billing?
No, you pay for a month (31 days) - when that month is up you'll be asked if you want to buy another month's credit. Only when you re-enter your details will you be billed again.
Will 'PhoneBinX' show up on my bill?
No, the billing name will be CCBILL EU LLC.
How much is $5.00 in my countries currency?
$5.00 (USD) is approximately £2.75 (Sterling) or €4.00 (Euros). Please check the current exchange rate for an up-to-date amount.
Why do we have to pay?
Your 9p a day will help pay for our phenomenal bandwidth charges.
What type of photos should I submit to PhoneBinX?
Any photographs that are not suitable for the main PhoneBin site, ie Photographs that show full frontal nude adults, nude adults possibly engaging in sexual acts, and other material of an adult nature.
What type of photos should I NOT submit to PhoneBinX?
a) Photographs that fall within the terms & conditions of the main site (Send those to PhoneBin)
b) Photos downloaded from the web or from any other source than a photo-phone and...
c) Any photo depicting anything illegal!
Are there albums/sections?
Yes. There are 3 sections; Females, Males & Couples. Once registered you can use your Control Panel to set up your start page
Can I buy my friend a Gift Account?
This function is being built at the moment. If you can't wait; enter their details (username & email) on the join page, then use your credit card details on the payment page (including your email address). The account will be email to them and the billing details to you. You are a good friend!
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